Substance in fart can prevent cancer


Substance in fart can prevent cancerFart smell could be disturbing for everyone, especially if it’s not coming from yourself. But make no mistake, the smell of fart is also able to provide health benefits. A study revealed that fart smells can help prevent cancer, stroke, heart attack, and even dementia.

In fart gas, there is a substance called hydrogen sulfide that are produced when bacteria digest food in the intestines. Large amounts of these substances can be harmful, but in small amounts, these substances help protect cells and prevent diseases, according to researchers at Exeter University.

Now researchers have discovered a new substance called AP39 that can help the body produce hydrogen sulfide in the right amount. They believe that this will help maintain mitochondrial damage that is a key strategy to prevent serious diseases such as stroke, heart failure, diabetes, dementia, and arthritis.

“When cells are stressed by disease, they take enzymes to regenerate hydrogen sulfide. This will make the mitochondria remain alive. If this does not occur, the cell will die and there will be inflammation. We have used this method to make the AP39 which helps distribute to mitochondria,” explained Professor Matt Whiteman, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Before tested on humans, researchers have performed experiments on AP39. The results showed that about 80 percent of the mitochondria managed to live in severe conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Another researcher Dr. Mark Wood added that although hydrogen sulfide is known to have unpleasant smell, but this substance could be a lifesaver for humans of various diseases in the future.