Substances in broccoli is claimed able to control the behavior of autism

Substances in broccoli is claimed able to control the behavior of autism

Until now autism is one conditions that is still unknown how to cure. However, a recent study revealed that certain substances in vegetables can help relieve the symptoms of autism and is good for autism behavioral control.

A small-scale trial revealed that substances in broccoli that are known to prevent cancer are also helpful to relieve autism behavior. These results were obtained after researchers observed 40 teenagers and young men aged 13 to 27 years old with different autism levels.

Researchers found that participants who were given sulforaphane (a substance in broccoli) every day has increased in social interaction, verbal communication, and experienced behavioral decline in autism such as doing something over and over again.

In the beginning of the study, researchers looked at the behavior of autism reduced when the patient has a fever. A fever, like sulforaphane, increases the body’s response to heat which can control the behavior of autism. Therefore, the researchers then tested the substance in broccoli in children with autism.

“We are still a long way to find a way to cure autism, but the results of this study provide a clue as to how to help control autism,” said Andrew Zimmerman, MD, professor of UMass Memorial Medical Center, as reported by Science Daily (13/10).

This research was conducted on participants directly byproviding  sulforaphane substance. Because it is not known whether the same effect could occur if participants who gets sulforaphane by eating broccoli directly. According to professor Talalay, each vegetable has different levels of sulforaphane, making it difficult to know how much broccoli that must be consumed to get the same effect with a dose of sulforaphane given at the time of the study.

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