Substances in tomato sauce turned out to be healthy


Substances in tomato sauce turned out to be healthyTomato sauce is considered a bad thing for health. Because tomato sauce is often served as processed foods and packaging. However, a recent study showed that eating tomato sauce can provide health benefits to the body.

The results were obtained from the University of Cambridge researchers after observing heart disease patients at Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust. This study revealed that the antioxidants in tomatoes could provide health benefits for patients with heart disease.

Eating tomato sauce on a regular basis are known to improve blood vessel function, as reported by the Metro (10/06). Researchers gave pills containing lycopene in tomatoes every day for two months.

Patients were given seven milligram tomato pills every day experience dilation of blood vessels known to be up to 53 percent. Dilation of blood vessels can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke because the two diseases are usually caused by a diminution of the blood vessels.

In addition to tomato sauce, researchers from the British Coffee Association found that consuming more than one cup of coffee each day for four years can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 11 percent. This study certainly makes you no longer hesitate to eat ketchup or coffee every day.

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