Sugar, causes of obesity that makes you addicted?

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Sugar is a food that is already familiar to us. We use sugar in nearly all foods, especially sweet foods. Not many people realize that sugar has addictive properties associated with obesity.

A study published in the British Medical Journal shows the link between the consumption of sugar with weight by observing the results of previous studies. This study found that the reduction in sugar consumption is associated with weight loss.

Not only that, research shows that the taste of sugar can make people addicted and want to continue to eat it. During this study, it was found that the consumption of sugar is associated with heart disease, tooth decay, and cause nutritional deficiency.

“There are five types of tastes that can be felt by the tongue, sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Sugar has four of them, so you can not feel the negative effects of the food. You could even make dog feces tasty with enough sugar , “said researcher Robert Lustig from the University of California, as reported by BBC .

In addition, the added sugars in foods such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, and maltose also cause a person to want to keep eating them. This is because the sugar does not have enough nutrients even though it contains the energy needed by the body.

Food and drinks that contain too much sugar can lead to obesity because it does not make us feel full, so we continue to consume a lot of food. In addition, the calories obtained by the body through sugar is not equivalent to the energy burned, so the body stores calories pile which causes weight gain.

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