Sugar or honey, which is healthier?


Sugar or honeySugar is always considered as one of the food that is not healthy and can lead to many health problems. Quite often people replace sugar with honey. But is honey better than sugar? Are they really comparable? A nutrition expert Keith Kantor from the Green Box League of Nutritious Justice provide the answer.

Sugar is sugar, while honey is also largely made up of sugar. But if it should be compared in terms of health, then honey are in a better position than sugar. What is the reason?

This is because the body process food and break it down into glucose and then convert it into energy. The more complex the food, or carbohydrates, the more effort the body needs to break it down. Sugar is made from 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose, which is a type of sugar that is usually found in fruit. These sugars can be broken very easily, so it can trigger an increase in blood sugar that is too fast.

If the body does not immediately use the increase in the sugar, then the body will store it as fat. If this happens in a long time, the sugar can make people fat. Meanwhile, on the other hand, although most are made of sugar, honey has the amount of glucose that is 30 percent lower than sugar and has 40 percent lower fructose.

In addition, honey contains 20 percent of other types of more complex sugars and fiber. This means honey takes longer to be processed by the body. Honey will not make blood sugar levels rise dramatically and does not contain a lot of calories, so that it does not make you fat fast, this is as reported by the Huffington Post (09/06).

In addition, there are other substances found in honey, which is collected by bees from plants, such as zinc or selenium. There is the possibility in which there are also several types of vitamins and minerals essential for health. If you want to use is as an everyday sweetener, you should choose honey rather than sugar.

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