Sunglasses Does Not Guarantee Eye Protection


sunglasses eye protectionLike the skin, eyes also need protection to ward off the bad effects of sunlight. If the skin can be protected by sunscreens, the eye needs sunglasses require which has anti-UV layers. Not just sunglasses to make your eyes shaded or for style.

“Over-exposure to ultraviolet light is thought to be the cause of cataracts, retinal damage and other eye problems, especially in the summer,” said Dr. Keiki Mehta, an eye surgeon, according to the Times of India.

According to him, sunglasses are ideal protectors that can protect the eyes from the adverse effects of sunlight. Be sure to wear them when doing outdoor activities under the sun. Including when swimming.

Especially in summer, swimming pool management usually increase the use of chlorine and other chemicals to maintain the quality of water hygiene. These chemicals often lead to problems in the eye, such as the eyes easily become watery and sensitive.

In order to chose the correct one, try the following tips to get good quality sunglasses:

1. Label
To be more safe, choose solar sunglasses labeled, ‘99% or 100% UV blocking ‘than simply labeled’ UV protection ‘.

2. Darkness
Note also the darkness level of the glasses. The trick is to wear it and then look at the mirror. If you can still clearly see your own eyes, it is not enough to protect the eyes.

3. Fitting size
Size of the glasses should also fit with the nose and face width. Do not be too narrow especially too loose. If glasses are loose, it gives less maximum protection.

4. Consultation
If possible, consult with a professional who understands the quality of glasses. It costs a little more expensive, than buying directly. However, you will get good quality and appropriate sunglasses.