Survey: Every 1 of 2 People Give Up Dieting in a month


diet failAnyone who had ever experienced to go on a diet certainly had experienced this cycle: excited, bored, feeling the diet does not work and then giving up. A survey found that nearly half of the dieters could not survive more than a month.

The poll was conducted in British youth aged 16-24 years. The results showed that about 28 percent of people starts a new diet every month, and 45 percent gave up after a week. Meanwhile, 48.9 percent of dieters gave up after a month. conducted Slimstick show as much as 33 percent of successful dieters lose 2-3 pounds of weight after dieting.

Nutritionist Priya Tew said, “Obesity is reaching epidemic status and worse. Which is why, the young are desperate to lose weight,” he told the Mirror.

Tew said unhealthy behavior is the main cause. Now more and more people are eating for the sake of convenience rather than eating healthy and nutritious menu. “Lifestyle is a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease later in life.”

The study also showed 48 per cent of their diet plans change every six months. “We must know, weight gains in some time so it can not disappear in just a few weeks. However with a healthy diet, it will benefit for the health.”