Survey: Women More Often Experience Stress Than Men


stressed womanA study showed that women are two times more likely to experience stress than men.

The research also mentioned that one of seven British women experience severe stress. The experts in the research added that the extraordinary stress can cause blood pressure to rise, causing stroke.

In England and Wales, stroke is the third most deadliest disease after heart attack and cancer, which killed 67 thousand people every year. Meanwhile, about 150 thousand people suffer a stroke each year.

In addition, the results of a survey conducted by the Stroke Association and Siemens conducted on 2000 people in Britain concluded that one in five women and one in 10 men experience stress.

“At least, they experienced stress for 30 minutes in a week.”

However, approximately a quarter of people aged between 45-54 years old said they had never experienced the “inner pressure” disease, although they allegedly suffered from high blood pressure. They claim to just experience a “mild stress.”

“The result of the study is very worrying and requests the need for public awareness and conscious of the danger of stroke,” said James Beeby of the Stroke Association, according to the Telegraph.