Sweat protects the body from bad bacteria


Sweat protects the body from bad bacteriaNot everyone likes to sweat. Sweating can sometimes make the body sticky and smelly. But make no mistake, sweat turns out to be able to protect the body from bacteria and bad bacteria.

The study found that sweat contains a natural antibiotic called demcidin, which is a very efficient way to fight  bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) and other nasty germs, as reported by the Times of India (28/02).

Sweat deploy highly efficient antibiotics on our skin that can protect the body from harmful bacteria. If the skin is injured, for example cut, falling, or being bitten by mosquitoes, antibiotic agents in the sweat will quickly and efficiently kill bacteria that enters.

Researchers also found that a natural substance called antimicrobal peptides (AMPs) is more effective than all existing antibiotics, because bacteria and germs could quickly develop resistance to these substances.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Goettingen, Tuebingen, and Strasbourg hope this discovery could help to create new antibiotics that are more qualified.