Sweet Snacks Can Trigger Womb Cancer?


woman eat cakeWomen simply can not be separated from the habit of eating sweet foods such as cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, sweat bread, and biscuits. Snacking habits is one of the reasons that makes the female body easily gets fat.

However, the effect is not only about body weight. According to a recent study, snacking habits of sugary foods can increase the risk of womb cancer.

Published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal, the study said the consumption of sweets two or three times a week, tend to make women 33 percent more likely to suffer from the disease compared to those who rarely eat sweats. Even if such practices occur more than three times a week, the risk of womb cancer will increase to 42 percent.

However, this possibility is still a weak results because the respondents are only 18-year-old teenagers whose population is only a few percent of the female population as a whole.

The researchers described the impact as a simple thing, but it still requires further research. UK cancer experts also say that it is premature to draw conclusions.

To find the relationship between sweet foods and womb cancer, Swedish scientists are studying data from thousands of women in the period 1987 and 1990. The study has answered dozens of questions related to health diet, lifestyle, weight and general health. Ten years later, those who are still alive answers a broader questions about their eating habits.

In 2008, the researchers matched the woman’s answers to their medical records. This is done to look for womb cancer diagnosis. The result, they found 729 cases of 61,226 women studied.

There is little or almost no increase in risk from eating foods that contain high levels of sugar such as candy, soft drinks or soda, and or jam. However, women who frequently snacked on cookies, bread, biscuits which also has a high sugar content have a 42 percent tendency to suffer cancer than those who only occasionally eat them.

Unfortunately, the reasons related to the relationship between sweet foods and womb cancer is not clear.

These studies only look at how often things are done and do not see how much they eat sweet foods. However, intake of 35 grams of sugar a day can increase the risk of tumors by 36 percent.

Scientists from Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute said that there are some ways sweet snacks can increase the risk of disease. One is the excess of sugar which makes the body release more insulin, which stimulates excess growth of cells in the endometrium or lining of the uterus.

Besides that, excess glucose can also increase the levels of the estrogen hormones which has been proven able to trigger the uncontrolled growth of cells, which are the characteristic of cancer cells.

“This study suggests eating lots of sugar and certain sugary foods can increase the risk of womb cancer, but we need to see further results from other large studies before we can draw a firm conclusions,” said Yinka Ebo, Senior Manager of UK’s Cancer Research health information, according to the Daily Mail.