Swimming in Cold Water Burns Calories Faster


cold water swimming burn calories fastSwimming in cold water is certainly more difficult. But if you want to burn more calories, swimming in coldwater is an effective way because the body is forced to work hard to normalize the cold air.

Swimming is a very good cardiovascular exercise. Swimming can strengthen the heart muscle and improve oxygen delivery to different parts of the body.

Someone who likes to swimming will also experience increased strength and flexibility, muscular endurance and balance, physical and better posture, and can serve as an effective and fast cure in terms of muscle healing.

So why does swimming in cold water burns calories faster?

At the time the air temperature in the environment is cooler than body temperature, the body will work hard to normalize it.

To normalize the changes in temperature, a lot of fuel or energy is needed. Therefore, if located in a cold area, the body will more quickly burn calories and energy, so you lose weight faster.

Shivering reactions in the cold pool can also accelerate the body’s metabolic system. The higher the metabolism, the food are digested faster, and it will burn more calories, so it does not cause fat deposits in the body.

However, according to Livestrong, you should not swim in a water that is too cold, because swimming in a water that is too cold, have risk of causing hypothermia (drastic decrease of body temperature)

People who experience symptoms of hypothermia usually have a weak pulse, shallow breathing, drowsiness or very low energy, confusion or difficulty thinking and speaking slurred or mumbled.