Symptoms and prevention of Malaria


Symptoms and prevention of MalariaMalaria is a disease caused by a parasite, that spreads through the bite of an infected mosquito. Attacks of malaria cause symptoms of fever and the disease often kills one million people each year worldwide.

In the World Malaria Day (25/04), you’ll want to listen more about the symptoms and prevention of the disease as reported by Health Me Up below.

Symptoms after being bitten

High fever
Excessive sweating but decreased body temperature

Other symptoms
hacking cough
muscle aches
back pain
enlargement of the spleen

In some cases, parasites that causes malaria in the human body can survive for several months.

Meanwhile, an infection caused by the parasite P. falciparum is usually more serious and life threatening. So when feeling these symptoms, early doctor handling is highly recommended.

Avoiding mosquito bites by wearing protective clothing
Use mosquito repellent cream
Installing mosquito nets
If you will travel to a place where lots of mosquitoes threates, consult your doctor
Do not leave the house after dusk
Spraying insect repellent in the bedroom and the house

Do not forget, keep your own health by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly to improve the immune system and prevent malaria attack!