Symptoms and Treatment of Kidney Stones


When certain substances in the urine are collected and solidified in the kidney or urinary tract, it causes kidney stones. University of Maryland Medical Center said that the symptoms of kidney stones include:

– The pain that comes and disappear sudden and rapidly. The pain often appears on the wrong side of the back of the abdomen or in the abdomen. Moreover, if it is touched.
– The color of urine different from usual.
– Generally, urine is accompanied by blood.
– Fever or chills.
– Vomiting or feeling nauseous.
– Pain in the groin or testicle.

Here are steps to cure or at least to alleviate the pain suffered, according to healthday:

– Drink plenty of water or inserting an intravenous fluid into the body. Some experts recommend drinking up to four liters of water a day.
– Take medication to help break up the stone, or take medication to reduce pain.
– Surgery is usually done when the stone is too large to break down. Or the stone causing an infection or tissue damage.
– Wave therapy to break stones.