Symptoms of People with Anorexia Nervosa


Anorexia NervosaMost women wants to have an ideal slim body, ant that is quite normal. But being obsessed with a slim body with a variety of efforts to avoid food is certainly not a healthy way. Some women even try too hard to get a slim body by always avoiding eating, like those with anorexia.

Anorexia nervosa is a form of eating disorder which is associated with an uncontrollable obsession to have a thin body. Here are some symptoms of Anorexia, according to helpguide.

1. Keeps on having a diet despite already being very slim. Includes only eating foods that are low in calories and always avoiding normal food like carbohydrates and fats, and calls these foods “evil”.

2. Obsessed with calorie counts, fat grams, and nutrient content of each food. Always carefully reads food labels on packaging, counting and measuring the size of the meal, strictly has a food diary and fanatical in diet books.

3. Always lies about food, or pretend to have eaten. When faced with food they would rather hide, play around with food, throw them away or anything as long as they can avoid the food. They always create a variety of reasons to avoid mealtimes, such as saying they already had too much lunch, or is having a stomachache to avoid dinner.

4. Continually thinking about food, likes cooking a lot for others, collect recipes, read culinary books, and make plans to eat food even if only very slightly.

5. Have very strange eating habits. Starting from reluctant to eat in public, eating with a very strict rituals such as cutting and chewing food right in a certain amount, spitting out food that had already been chewed, or just eat with a particular dish.

6. Experienced dramatic weight loss in a very short time without medical cause.

7. Always feeling fat, even though they are actually very underweight. This happens either they feel fat throughout the body or just in some parts of the body such as the abdomen, hips or thighs.

8. Have a very poor self-image about their own body, whether its the size, shape or cloth size. They weigh too often and always fuss about a small increase in weight.

9. They often criticize their own appearance. Linger in front of the mirror to look for defects in appearance. People with anorexia usually always find something to criticize.

10. Always deny that their body is too skinny. Usually by doing odd things to cover their very low weight by drinking a lot before weighing or by wearing clothes that are too big.

11. Obsessively consume diet pills, laxatives or diuretics that encourage urination, the use of herbal diets and other drugs to lose weight.

12. Vomiting after meals. Always leaving the table after eating and vomits the food that has been eaten in the bathroom. Turning the water faucet to disguise the sound of vomit and goes back to the table with a mint fragrant or mouthwash to disguise the smell of vomit.

13. Often do excessive exercise or sport as a form of punishment to themselves because they felt that they had been eating “bad foods” or a lot of calories. They would still do exercise despite being injured, sick or during a bad weather.