Symptoms of Too Much Coffee


drink too much coffeeFor healthy people, coffee can provide many benefits as long as it is consumed in a reasonable amount. In the other hand, coffee can also be a problem if it is consumed excessively, because the caffeine content in it has a number of side effects.

Until the level of 600 mg or about 5-6 cups of coffee, caffeine is not going to give side effects in healthy people. However, it should also be taken into account, the source of caffeine is not just from coffee alone but includes tea, ice cream, energy drinks and even headache drugs.

According to Livestrong, here are some side effects if you drink too much coffee.

1. Anxiety
One of the side effects of caffeine for mental health is triggering anxiety. Not all people experience this side effect, but researchers at the University of Michigan proved the severity can cause a person to be easily offended, or sometimes even until their hand are shaking.

2. Cardiovascular Disorders
Heart will palpitate if we drink too much coffee, because in certain levels, caffeine can affect the central nervous system in the brain. Caffeine also can increase blood pressure so it is not recommended for patients with hypertension and heart disease.

3. Headache
Some types of headache drugs use a mixture of small amounts of caffeine because these compounds do have anti-pain properties. But the opposite effect could occur if it is consumed too much, such as drinking more than 2-3 cups of espresso coffee or 5-6 cups regular coffee each day.

4. Indigestion
Stomach pains and nausea are often complained when drinking too much coffee. Not because the coffee is stale, but caffeine itself does increase the production of acid in the stomach so it is not advisable to drink coffee before eating.

5. Urinary Disorders
When feeling cold, warming yourself by drinking coffee is not a good idea. The cold alone already causes more frequent urination, plus the side effects of caffeine as a diuretic it will get worse.

6. Insomnia
The most common side effects of drinking too much coffee is not able to sleep. For adolescents or middle-aged people, this effect may only trigger fatigue but can have serious consequences for the health of the elderly.