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  • People with Eating Disorders Are Difficult to Get Pregnant

    Aug 8, 11 • Pregnancy HealthComments Off
    People with Eating Disorders Are Difficult to Get Pregnant

    A team of researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, UK, found women with anorexia (eating disorders) and bulimia tend to be more difficult to conceive. By involving 11,088 women, the research was done when  pregnancy were at 12 and 18 weeks. Among women, 171 people or 1.5 per cent had experienced [&hellip...

  • Eating Together Prevent Bulimia in Adolescents

    Jul 16, 11 • WellnessComments Off
    Eating Together Prevent Bulimia in Adolescents

    Eating together with the family at the dinner table have many benefits. Besides providing good etiquette lessons, it also gives a positive impact on child health. One study found that adolescents who takes the time to eat together at the dinner table with their families can reduce the risk of eating disorders like bulimia and [&hellip...

  • Important Information about Manorexia

    Feb 26, 10 • WellnessNo Comments
    Important Information about Manorexia

    Medical researchers find a new discovery that anorexia (the male version is known as manorexia) is not limited to women and that the idea of starving yourself in order to achieve the perfect body is crossing gender lines. Manorexia is a serious eating disorder which needs to be detected at its early stages. What is [&hellip...

  • Bulimia The Dangerous Secret

    Jan 24, 10 • Disease and ConditionsNo Comments
    Bulimia The Dangerous Secret

    Bulimia is an eating disorder that is easy to keep secret. It’s said, not surprisingly, that bulimia is the most secretive of all eating disorders. Why is that? The bulimic learns to keep the eating disorder a secret and easily hides their disorder from the public and even their family for many years.The actress Jane [&hellip...