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Eating Together Prevent Bulimia in Adolescents

Eating Together Prevent Bulimia in Adolescents

Eating together with the family at the dinner table have many benefits. Besides providing good etiquette lessons, it also gives a positive impact on child health. One study found that adolescents who takes the...

Important Information about Manorexia 0

Important Information about Manorexia

Medical researchers find a new discovery that anorexia (the male version is known as manorexia) is not limited to women and that the idea of starving yourself in order to achieve the perfect body...

Bulimia The Dangerous Secret 0

Bulimia The Dangerous Secret

Bulimia is an eating disorder that is easy to keep secret. It’s said, not surprisingly, that bulimia is the most secretive of all eating disorders. Why is that? The bulimic learns to keep the...