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  • Blood Type Affects Female Fertility

    Aug 15, 11 • Pregnancy HealthComments Off
    Blood Type Affects Female Fertility

    A new clue that can explain the fertility of a woman is found. Scientists discovered that blood type affects the ability of a woman’s body to produce offspring. According to MSNBC Health, when compared with women of other blood types, 30 year old woman with O blood type are more likely to require medical care. [&hellip...

  • Drinking Coffee Habit Inhibits Pregnancy

    May 25, 11 • Pregnancy HealthComments Off
    Drinking Coffee Habit Inhibits Pregnancy

    For those of you who are planning a pregnancy, you should reduce the consumption of coffee. A research in the Netherlands revealed that drinking coffee can reduce the chances of pregnancy. The researchers found a link between caffeine contained in coffee with a woman’s fertility. Caffeine was found to damage the transport of eggs from [&hellip...

  • Pollution Effects Female Fertility

    May 17, 10 • WellnessNo Comments
    Pollution Effects Female Fertility

    A study was conducted on thousands of patients in England discovered that women who regularly breathe in polluted space, have 24 percent smaller chance to get pregnant compared to those who live in less polluted areas. Nitrogen dioxide, a toxin produced by the exhaust of cars and trucks and gas stove, have a negative impact [&hellip...