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  • Radiation Sources Around Us

    Sep 20, 10 • HealthComments Off
    Radiation Sources Around Us

    Various radiation sources can be found in everyday life. Although not in a lethal dose, contact with radiation sources should be limited as they may increase the risk of various cancers. People will die if exposed to radiation with intensity over a million milirem. But every 10 000 milirem could increase cancer risk by 1 [&hellip...

  • How Does Sunlight Affect Breast Cancer?

    Feb 12, 09 • CancerNo Comments
    How Does Sunlight Affect Breast Cancer?

    If one is to believe Esther John, an epidemiologist of Northern California Cancer Center, a daily dose of sunlight can decrease the chances of breast cancer by an amazing 40%. A short walk in the sun can also relieve stress and increase blood circulation in addition to reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is [&hellip...