Tai Chi Helps Overcome Parkinson’s Disease


Tai Chi help overcome Parkinson'sAancient Chinese martial art Tai Chi is able to overcome Parkinson’s syndrome. This conclusion is derived from a study done by the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene, United States.

Fuzhong Li, a researcher from the Institute in Oregon, presented a study of 195 patients with moderate to high levels of Parkinson’s disease . The review was revealed in the Journal of Health New England, Wednesday, February 9, 2012.

As known, Parkinson’s patients are people who have brain disorders. There are many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, usually, they often have a tremor or vibration, stiff and movements that affect the way sufferers walk. For patients, the medical team would advise them to undergo physical therapy or exercise. Well, Tai Chi which has gentle and slow movements is considered as one of the solution to the disease.

Fuzhong Li tested each participant to invite them to attend Tai Chi classes twice a week. Participants were divided into two groups, there those who only received stretching exercises and resistance training that involves bending the knee with the weights on the ankle and weighted vests. There are also those who follow Tai Chi as a whole.

The Tai Chi that is specialized for Parkinson’s patients is focused on the “swing and sway” as well as weight transfer movements. After six months, the group experienced more improvement than the group that only did stretching.

According to Li, who was a teacher of Tai Chi for actor Michael J Fox, the group has more balance, control, and better step. This martial arts is certainly safe, easy, and requires no tools. “People are looking for an alternative program and one of them isĀ  Tai Chi,” he said.