Taking aspirin every day can prevent cancer?


Taking aspirin every day can prevent cancer

Aspirin is known as one of the medications to relieve pain. However, a study revealed that apparently taking aspirin every day can provide protection from cancer. However, research conducted in the United States showed that the protective effect of aspirin is very low.

“The news about the potential of aspirin to protect humans from cancer is a good thing lately. But research is still underway,” said Michael Thun of the American Cancer Society, as reported by the Health Me Up (28/08).

These results were obtained after researchers did an observations of 100,000 men and women. Most of them are aged over 60 years and all non-smokers. Prior research has also revealed that taking aspirin in low doses every day can also prevent heart disease or heart attack in patients who already have heart disease.

Experiments conducted over five years by researchers showed a decrease in cancer deaths by 37 percent in people who take aspirin in low doses every day. People who take aspirin every day also showed a decrease in cancer risk by 16 percent.

This effect is even greater for gastrointestinal cancer that attacks such as colon cancer and stomach cancer. However, because this study is in trial, it is difficult to know whether aspirin will be recommended to prevent cancer. In addition, researchers also warned of the side effects of taking aspirin every day like bleeding in the stomach.

One of the problems that exist in this new research is that often there is a detection bias. Suppose, as when a person experiences stomach bleeding caused by taking aspirin every day, doctors would find polyps or tumors in their intestines so that they are saved from cancer and has a longer life.

So far, this research is not finished so it is too quickly if aspirin should be recommended to prevent cancer. In addition, the side effects of aspirin are also not something to be taken lightly.