Tall Men Have More Risk of Testicular Cancer


tall men testicular cancer riskWomen are definitely  attracted to men with tall bodies. But recent studies mentions that tall men are more at risk of testicular cancer.

After observing the data of more than 100 men, researchers found that every increase of five inches above average, can increase the risk of testicular cancer by 13 percent.

But experts emphasize the lifetime risk of developing this cancer is low, one of 210 for men in England.

According to BBC, within a decade, this study includes the number of cancer incidence and height records of people involved. Dr. Michael Blaise Cook and his team tried to see whether the cancer risk data could fit with the measurement of height and weight.

There are no results that show the relationship between weight and cancer, but the trends appear related to height. Tall men are more at risk of testicular cancer.

Director of health information at Cancer Research England, Sara Hiom said that tall men does not have to worry about this study because less than 100 men have cancerous lumps in the testicles.

“But it’s important for men to find out any changes to the size and weight of their testis, don’t delay seeing a doctor, especially for young males under the age of 35 years,” he said.

Testicular cancer is one of  a benign cancer that can be cured, even after the disease spreads. So there is no need to worry if the results show the existence of it.