Tall Mothers Have Healthier Babies


pregnant Health TipsIs there a relationship between child health and mother’s height? Turns out there is. According to researchers, women in poor countries who are tall have children who are healthier, have higher life expectancy ratesĀ  and inherits her mother’s height.

The link between height and health is examined first time by Dr. S.V. Subramanian of the Harvard School of Public Health. Subramanian and his team analyzed data from 54 developing countries that were collected between 1991 and 2008 and got 3 million births of women aged 15-49 years.

The respondents were divided into five height categories, ranging from 121 cm, which is the shortest to more than 160 cm for the highest. Overall, 12 percent of children in this study died before they turned 5 years old. Most are children who come from the mother in the short group.

According to the researchers report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, children born to mothers who are short has a 40 percent risk of death higher than those who are tall.

Children born to mothers from the short group also tend to have less birth weight and are short. “Height of the mother is also an important factor to determine the child’s height, the influence is greater than the mother’s education and income,” wrote the researchers.

In addition, the study also found that good nutrition during adolescence and postpone marriage and pregnancy will make teenage girls have more height.

Subramanian explains, a person’s height reflects the nutritional and environmental someone found in the early years of his/her life. “This information could be considered to determine the target of a nutrition program, especially for girls and teenagers,” he said.