Teens who likes arts tend to easily be depressed


A recent study says that teens who attend extracurricular activities such as music, drama, and painting are more likely to feel sad or depressed.

Even so, this does not mean that depression is always experienced by teenagers and adults who want to be an art expert or that joining the activities could trigger mental illness.

“This study just reveals that there are many teens that learn art who are easily depressed. We plan to conduct further research whether this depression continues and develops as the young become adults,” said researcher Laura N. Young of Boston College, as quoted from Live Science.

Young and his research team analyzed precisely depressive symptoms which were associated with adolescent extracurricular activities in America. They involveed a survey on 2,482 students aged 15-16 years who were followed up from the year 2002-2010.

The survey results also revealed that adolescents who attend extracurricular art activities tend to be more prone to depression. While those who are active in sports are considered more happier. In addition, compared to men, more women students attend art extracurricular activities.

According to researchers, the relationship between depression and art-related activities is influenced by the environment. For example, young people who are sensitive to the surrounding of their environment more easily aroused to finally produce stunning artwork.

Researchers also hope that future research could be conducted to further explore the potential of fragile psychology hat can be converted into power inspired of work of art.