Beware, temporary tattoos can cause severe allergy


temporary tattoos can cause severe allergyTemporary tattoos are usually the choice of many people who do not want to take risks with a permanent tattoo. It could be because they are easily bored, afraid that hey do not like the results of their tattoos, or any other reasons. But what seems as a smart choice turned out to be able to cause serious health impact.

“Just because it’s not permanent, it does not mean they are risk-free,” said Dr. Linca Katz, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors, as reported by CBS News (25/03).

Unlike permanent tattoos that are injected into the skin, usually temporary tattoos are made ??from henna, red-brown dye from plants that come from Asia or Africa. They usually use the dried henna to dye skin, hair, nails, or other things.

Even so, the material that is currently widely used to make temporary tattoos are not pure henna, but black henna that is mixed with other chemicals such as p-phenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is what causes a reaction in the skin of a person and can be dangerous if applied to the skin.

A study in the New england Journal shows the case of a girl whose hands were blistered after using a temporary tattoo made ??of henna on her wedding day. Worse, this blister can heal until six months later.

Before attempting to get a temporary tattoo you should know the type of ink used by the tattoo artist. Be careful, because you could suffer from allergies that you will regret.

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