Testicles feels pain? These are the causes and solutions


testicular painHi guys, have you ever experienced pain in one or both testicles? If so, beware. Maybe you are experiencing health problems. Here are a variety of causes of testicular pain and how to overcome them, as reported by health me up.

Causes of pain in testicles:

1. Varicocele or varicose veins in the testicles.
2. Inguinal hernia. Protrusion of the intestine through the abdominal wall musculature damage from the groin area. Skortum protrusion causing swelling and pain.
3. Hydrocele. Ie, buildup of fluid in one or two men who make skortum testicles enlarged.
4. Fournier gangrene. The swelling in the scrotum. This is one disease emergencies in the field of urology.
5. Injury
6. Testicular Cancer
7. Torque. Ie twisted testicle.
8. Epididymitis. The condition occurs when there is inflammation of the epididymis, generally as a result of the infection.
9. Ureteric stones. This is due to kidney stones down to the ureter. Although pain is not from the testes, but the patient may feel pain like that at the bottom.

Treatment for testicular pain

Testicular pain require doctor treatment. But here are some tips to reduce testicular pain:

1) If skortum swell, compress with ice cubes
2) Often exercise but do not do any activity if it feels pain
3) Wear loose clothing and comfortable which can protect your testicles.