The Advantages of eating slowly


eating togetherNot many people know chewing duration is actually quite important for their health because it could provide many benefits for them if they chew on their foods slowly. There are many good reasons why people should eat slowly. You should know why chewing foods slowly could provide benefits for your health. Well, check out the explanation below as reported by Mag for Women.

1. Weight
Eating slowly will surely provide benefits for people who want to maintain a healthy body weight. This is because the brain needs 20 minutes to receive signals that you already feel full and that your body do not need intake of more foods. In other words, you could say that eating too fast will only cause you to eat more calories because the brain had not received signals that the body is already full. This will ultimately cause weight gain which is clearly not healthy for the body.

2. Pleasure
You should know that eating your food slowly means that you enjoy your food more. The more slowly you finish your food, the more pleasure you will get from your meal. By eating your meal slowly, then you can take time to recognize all the delicious flavors that enters your mouth. Eating quickly will indeed overcome your problem concerning hunger, but you will be satisfied with the food that you eat.

3. Digestion
Eating slowly means to chew with no rush. It also affects the digestive system so that it is able to process food and that the foods are completely destroyed by the teeth. This is one of the important benefits of eating slowly.

4. Healthy lifestyles
When used to eating slowly, you will get used to the overall healthy lifestyle. For example, you get used to do work without waiting close to the deadline so there is no rush to finish it.

5. Focus
Eating slowly help you stay focused on what you’re eating. It also trains the mind to be able to concentrate better.

Those are some benefits of eating slowly. Have you done it before?