The age of 29 is Considered Ideal to Give Birth


pregnant ideal weightMore than half of all women believe that before reaching the age of 30 is the best time to give birth to a baby.

The majority of women – 59 percent – believe that at the age of 29 they will be in the best position to have a baby. At this age they feel financially secure to pay the cost of raising a child.

Most women also believe that at this point they feel most secure in their relationship. They feel like they are in a stable relationship and full love, so that they are ready to have babies.

This was based on a research by a fertility and pregnancy test company, Clearblue, which also studied what can most influence women’s chances of becoming pregnant.

According to a survey of 3,000 women, 70 percent said that a healthy diet is important to improve their chances to get pregnant.

Two thirds of women believe that having sex regularly will also improve their chances, while 42 percent said stopping drinking alcohol will help.

Dr Dawn Harper, who also featured on the Embarrassing Bodies Channel 4 show, said, “It is interesting that the survey shows the age of 29 is a popular age to have a baby.”

“Whatever your age, my advice is to stop smoking, reduce alcohol, and maintaine a healthy weight before trying to conceive.” he said, according to the DailyMail.