The appropriately way to handle ear pain in children

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handle ear pain in childrenEvery parent would worry if their child has an earache. Usually they immediately give the child antibiotics as a first treatment. But doctors do not recommend this.

“Ear pain needs prompt diagnosis and appropriate medication, so do not immediately give antibiotics because the children need to be given the opportunity to establish their immunity to the disease,” said Dr. Richard Rosenfeld, a pediatrician from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, as quoted by NBC News.

Doctors also mentioned when children over the age of six months who suffer from ear pain should be given antibiotics.

  • If the child has a history of ear pain periodically.
  • If the child also has a high fever.
  • If ear pain lasts for two days.
  • If certain parts of the ear looks swollen.

Without symptoms, ear pain in children are usually triggered by virus, allergies, or tooth growth. So you should not need to give antibiotics to children.

Parents can only give painkillers according to the age, such as ibuprofen and not aspirin. Only when symptoms get worse, parents should consult a doctor.

So what can be done to prevent ear pain in children?

  • Ensuring children receive vaccine on time.
  • Breastfeeding children at least up to the age of six months to assist the formation of the immune system.
  • Keep your child away from cigarette smoke or pollution.

Those are some ways to deal with earaches in children. Since prevention is better than curing, you should also teach healthy lifestyles to your children.

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