The Benefits And Importance of Bakasana


This asana is also known as the Crow or Crane pose asana. Baka means crane, this pose represents the crane. It is a very good asana for elbow balancing too. Your arms and wrists are the ones which are strengthened.

The look of the asana may make you think that it is one of the easiest asanas, but you can be easily deceived. For doing this asana you can imagine the strength that would be required to hold your whole body strength.

While doing this asana you have to breathe normally. When such pressure is applied many people forget that they have to breathe too. To avoid any such complication do this asana slowly and steadily. It will help you benefit even more with the slow and steady pace of it.

The more you stay in this position, you will happen to get more benefits from it. Doing it once doesn’t complete your task, it has to be done at least three to four times. It very important to maintain your balance while doing this asana.

Sense of balance and sense of control is a must which would help you do this asana in better manner. The pace and way you do it matters that is, if you actually want to gain anything while doing this asana. It may be difficult but by doing it time and again you can easily manage it.

This cannot be a first attempt asana because there would be a need to hold your own bodyweight without much stress. For this you need to have an able body strength which in a span of time would happen once you start doing the asanas.

This asana is very good to make the muscles of your arms, shoulders and chest very strong. The pressure applied on your abdomen stretches your abdominal organs which have been neglected and not been thought of so much.

Your digestive system begins to function in a better manner, which means free from acidity and heart burn. Your heart and lungs have an extra spark due to this asana, as it makes better use of them with the need for proper diet too.

This asana can be claimed as one of the most important asanas for arms balance. It helps your upper back by stretching it and making it more flexible for better support. By continuous practice you can achieve that balance. It also helps to open the groins and tone the abdominal muscles.

While doing any of the asanas it is better to check with your doctor and also your yoga instructor. If you are suffering from any health conditions it is better to inform your instructor earlier.