The benefits of Strawberry


Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry are the fruit of the berry family. This fruit has an intriguing shape and color. Behind its physical appearance, this fruit is relatively small,and it turns out these fruits have immense benefits for beauty and health also.

For health, for example, strawberries have the highest amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that may protect body cells from damage by substances trigger cancer. The fruit of this work by preventing or disturbing the process that can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

In addition, high vitamin C content in strawberries is also useful for keeping your teeth and gums to stay healthy. Vitamin C in strawberries, are also useful to prevent defects in the mouth or thrush.

Calcium and phosphorus content in strawberries is believed to be beneficial for healthy teeth and gums. The Latin name of this fruit is Fragaira vesca and it has quite tempting appearance. With red skin, strawberries do look appealing.Strawberry is also a source of vitamins and minerals to produce energy.

Berries with red, blue, and purple colors contain flavonoids. Compared with vitamin C and vitamin E, flavonoids contain more antioxidants. That is why this fruit is more effective for reducing inflammation than aspirin.

The content of anthocyanins found in cranberries contain flavonoids which antibacterial agents and also help to lower cholesterol. The blueberries have proven to the highest level of antioxidant activity and contain substances that can protect the brain damage caused by chemicals, plaque, or trauma.

In addition to health benefits, this fruit also has benefits for beauty. For an example, to prevent premature aging or wrinkles on the face.Fruits rich in vitamin C has the potential for antioxidants that can help maintain skin elasticity.

Not only that, this small-sized fruit that was believed to be able to lubricate the skin so as to keep looking young by fighting free radicals as a destroyer of the skin.

Strawberries also have benefits for skin beauty. With a high content of vitamin C, this fruit can prevent the aging process and keep the skin from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) so that the black skin is not easy. Strawberry can overcome acne too.