The Benefits of Sunlight


Benefits of SunlightNo doubt sunlight is very beneficial to health. Not just for healthy bones, it also helps prevent some diseases.

According to Boldsky, there are some benefits of getting sunlight  especially in the morning.

Therapy for Alzheimer’s patients

Research conducted in the Journal of the American Medical Association said, patients with memory loss have better results on tests of memory after a few hours of sunbathe in the morning on a regular basis.


Exposure to sunlight may help reduce your susceptibility to allergies that can trigger asthma.

Autoimmune diseases

Sunlight provides protection against auto-immune disease. UV rays from the sun help reduce the hyperactivity of the immune system. This provides protection against diseases such as psoriasis.


Sunlight serves as a natural painkiller. This is associated with the production of Vitamin D which is fostered by the sun.
Statistics show people who regularly sunbathe will reduce the need for painkillers.

Burn fat

A recent scientific study shows that sunlight can help burn fat. This is basically the fat stored under the skin. It helps you look slimmer.

Increase awareness

People who spend long hours under the sun (up to six hours a day) is much more alert and attentive at night.

One of the health benefits of sunlight is to prevent fatigue.

Improves mood

Weather periods without sunlight has a depreciating effect on your mood. Sunbathing is an instant raise the mood.