The Best Days to Do Certain Activities


Many people hate Mondays because they have to go back to daily routines and in the other hand always waits for Friday to immediately end all existing routines. But whatever the day, there is always the best thing to do, including sexual intercourse.

According to recent research from the London School of Economics, any day can be maximized for any activity. Here are the best things that can be done on a particular day:

Monday – the best day to relieve stress
Find time to relax on Monday. A study in the British Medical Journal showed that 20 percent of people are more likely to die of a heart attack on Monday. This will be further exacerbated if one spends their weekend to drink alcohol and back to stress at work on Monday.

Tuesday – the best day to make a list of tasks
Based on the results of a Gallup survey, workers will be very productive on Tuesday. The survey also showed that 39 percent of workers are not productive on Mondays,  so you should make a list of tasks on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, according to GfK NOP health survey, on Tuesday, few people having sex because they are too busy with their routines.

Wednesday – the best day to look for love
Based on the results of a survey, 40 percent of 8,000 single participants think that Wednesday is the best day to do a first date. This is because if the first date goes well, then they have ‘breathing time’ one day before continuing the next date on Friday and the weekend.

Thursday – the best days for sexual intercourse
Based on a research, the energy levels of natural cortisol that stimulate sex hormone is at peak on Thursday. Set your alarm clock to wake up and ready to have sex in the on Thursday morning.  This day is when the testosterone sex hormone in men and estrogen in women are five times higher than usual.

Friday – best day to quit smoking
According to a study in the United States, getting rid of cigarettes on Friday’ will make people able to withstand the temptation to smoke at the weekend. This is because Friday is the first day when people are in a strong determination to quit smoking.

Saturday – best day to stay aware
According to the British Medical Journal, there are nearly 70 percent of people ran to the hospital on Saturday because of excessive alcohol abuse than other days.

Sunday – best day to relax
At the weekend, it is time to eliminate all tiredness and relax with family. Find a place to relax. It is good to prepare the necessary energy to start the activity on Monday. Avoid consumption of alcohol or staying up late on a Sunday, because you have to come back to work on Monday.