The Best Exercises For An Injured Knee


Best Exercises For An Injured KneeKnees are the most likely to get injured or affected in our body. Knee pain can be caused by any accidental injury or excess stress on the knees. Knee pain can also be caused in case of any ligament tear or injury. Knees have to go through a lot of pressure in everyday activities like walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs and so on. The everyday strain on the knees causes wear and tear of the knee ligaments and may cause joint pain as well.

The knee pain trouble can be eliminated by maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle. Knee pain can be reduced by using painkillers and other medicines. It can also be reduced by applying pain relief cream and sprays. But a more effective and long-lasting method of eliminating knee pain is by exercising. Regular exercising is useful and beneficial for the health of the body. There are many special exercises for helping with a knee injury. One needs to do these exercises religiously to have a pain free knee.

This article discusses some common exercises for an injured knee that you can do at home as well. However, before doing any exercise for the knee, refer to a doctor.

Stretching of muscles have always been a great exercise for relaxation and relieving pain. There are many stretching exercises that are good for the knees. One simple stretching exercise is the hamstring stretch where you can feel the muscles of the knees loosen up. Here, you have to put one foot forward and bend the knee of the other leg till you feel the pressure.

Another good exercising option when your knee is injured is Yoga. Yoga gently relaxes the muscles and reduces any pressure or strain on the knees. There are many yoga asanas or poses that are meant for legs and knee relaxation alone. Yoga has long-lasting effects compared to many other exercises. A regular regime of “Suryanamaskar” alone can help to relieve knee pain effectively.

Step Up
Stepping or step ups is a cardio exercise with many benefits. This exercise increases the heartbeat, stimulates production of heat in the body and also energizes the whole body. When doing the step up, do not bend the knees. Keep them straight and firm. One minute of continuous step up exercise with a constant pace can be beneficial for the knees as well. Step up exercise warms up the knee and reduces any strain on it. It is one instant exercise you can do when suffering from any knee injury.

While recuperating from an injured knee, biking – either stationary or mobile – is good for energizing the knee. When exercising for reducing knee pain, be sure to position your legs properly when cycling. Cycling should be done for 10-15 minutes and you can slowly increase the time. Cycling helps to increase the strength of the legs and knees. The knee ligaments and muscles become strong and thus the pain reduces gradually. This is one good exercise for recovering from a knee injury.

Mat Exercises
Certain mat exercises like leg lifts, knee lifts, etc where the knee muscles are stretched are quite helpful to reduce knee pain. Mat exercises can be done any time at home as well. Do not bend your knees when raising the leg. Let the leg rise a few inches from the floor. This exercise is good to easy your knee pain.

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