The Best Foods Women Should Eat During Menopause


BroccoliDuring menopause, a woman needs to eat a variety of foods in order to give her body all the nutrients and proteins. At this time of life, a woman’s body lacks iron and calcium. Hence, there are certain best foods to eat during menopause that are rich in these two elements. 

Women, who are in their 50s and have started experiencing menopause, should be concerned about changing their diet and lifestyle. Following a menopause diet is a must as it helps to prevent other diseases like heart problems and osteoporosis. These best foods to eat during menopause will also protect your bones, heart, and the rest of your body.

Here are some of the best foods to eat during menopause

Fish With Bones 
Fish with bones provides calcium to your body. Therefore, fish like sardines helps to make your bones feel stronger.

Since you need to increase the calcium intake in your body, broccoli is one of the best foods to eat during menopause as it contains a lot of calcium.

Consuming one meal a day which has legumes is important for you to feel healthy and fit. It is a must addition in your menopause diet.

Make your meal colourful with an assortment of vegetables. One serving of vegetables will provide you with a good amount of protein and energy required during this phase.

Though many avoid rice since it is starchy in nature, it is very important to add it to your menopause diet as it provides fibre for the body. It is one of the most powerful foods to eat during menopause.

Whole Grain Food 
At the time of menopause, a woman’s body needs around 12 percent of fibre on a daily basis. Adding whole grain foods to your menopause diet will help you battle this phase.

The best foods to eat during menopause is nuts as it is rich in iron which will help boost your energy throughout the day. Other iron rich foods to add to your menopause diet is lean red meat and leafy vegetables.

One of the best foods to eat during menopause is beans. This healthy vegetable contains fibre which can help in your blood pressure control.

A handful of cherries to your menopause diet can do wonders for you. They contain melatonin, a substance found in the body, which helps regulate sleep.

Do not forget to consume lots of water at the time of menopause as it helps in dealing with the hot flashes.  via: boldsky

You should also know the foods to avoid during menopause.