The Best Remedies For Pollen Allergy


Pollen AllergyAllergies can be quite an issue especially the ones with unknown causes. You will find that you are suffering from an allergy that does not seem to bring with it some relief measures. Pollen allergy is the most common form of allergies seen in people these days. You will see that you tend to find pollen allergies easy to slip away from but difficult to control.

A lot of people tend to sneeze a lot due to pollen allergies. There are many who have eye issues thanks to the leading man called pollen in their life. Yes pollen allergies can be pathetic to live with. Here are the best remedies for Pollen Allergy:

Saline Rinse
Most often you would notice that pollens affect your nose first and that is the only way to their entry. This is probably why you need to keep that portion of your body clean. Every once in a while use saline rinse in your nose and wash away the pollen from there. With this the pollens would reduce by a great extent. No, you would still need medications to cure your body but then the dosages would obviously decrease.

Chicken is Good
You would see that most allergies are controlled when your diet includes chicken instead of beef. Beef seems to be high on oleic acid which is not good for allergies. This is why you should always have chicken which does not give way to this acid and thus controls the allergies overpowering your body.

Fish Oil Supplements
They are indeed great especially when you wish to reduce the pollen allergy in your body. Leukotrienes contribute to the pollen allergy majorly and this needs to be reduced. If you take fish oil supplements on a regular basis, you would see that this allergant is reduced and overall your fear of pollen allergy seems to be on a major reduction.

Butterbur Method
This is one of the most popular herbs used to treat pollen allergies. You would see that they work great when concerned with nasal symptoms. You would find that butterbur when applied perfectly will tend to your anti allergy needs perfectly.

Acupuncture as a Remedy 
A lot of people have suggested acupuncture as a remedyto reduce the pollen allergy and its symptoms. When the person suffering from pollen allergy was subjected to acupuncture you would notice that they felt more relief and were subjected to lesser dosages of medication for curing the pollen based allergy. Acupuncture is a tried and tested way of curing pollen allergy.

Turmeric Cure
Among all the spices used to cure your body, turmeric is considered to be the best medicinal spice in the present times. It is the best cure for cough and cold. It acts as a decongestant.  via: Deepa

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