The Best things in Life: Laughing!


laughing happinessStudy concluded that happiness is not merely about money in the bank, fast cars and designer clothes, but family, friends and the beauty of nature.

A new survey reveals that the things that case a smile on our face is actually simple pleasures. Smile is available for everyone free of charge every day.

When asked what are their most important pleasure, 22 percent of the 2,000 people polled chose laughing, followed by a dinner with many friends in second place with 21 percent. A hug was in third place with 19 percent.

This study shows that despite the focus of the world is in ownership in the materialistic world, people find pleasure in activities that do not need to spend money on.

Among the ten other major pleasure listed are feeling the sun on the face, reading a good book, walking along the beach and get into bed with clean sheets.

Other things which are also popular are watching the sun set, flipping through pictures and old memories, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Ralph Walker, head of marketing for Apples from New Zealand, which conducted the survey to mark the beginning of the import season, told the Daily Express, “It seems that the world is too complicated and stressful that we find ways to reconnect with thing that really matters.”

“Family, friends, and natural beauty makes people most happy. This is the simple things in life that do not cost and it seems to make us most happy.”

He said that research shows we place value on the choice of the least materialistic and want to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.