The best time to eat vitamins

Many researchers recommend taking supplements at certain times to aid digestion and assimilation of nutrients. This was true, so that the absorption of vitamins or supplements become more effective and not gratuitous. Therefore, it is very important to know when is the best time to take supplements.

At night, consume calcium supplements. This is because our bodies need calcium to work and at night. In addition, consuming calcium can make you sleep better, because the process of their absorption by the body.

Besides calcium, you also need magnesium. If calcium supplements also contain magnesium, eating them together is the right thing. Although, the absorption of magnesium is more effective during daylight hours.

Many types of vitamins, is best consumed after a meal. These vitamins are fat-soluble vitamins which are A, D, E and K, as it requires fat for absorption. Thus, consumption of vitamin supplements immediately after you eat fatty foods.

Then, for vitamin C only worked for a few hours in the bloodstream. For that, the consumption of vitamin C should be repeated every three hours to get maximum results. Thus, doses of vitamin C supplements are needed each day can be divided by three.

For a fiber supplement, best consumed is in the morning. Fiber will be absorbed by the gut with good bowel during the morning because it is free from food processing jobs. It is important to note that the fiber can cause the vitamin is not absorbed by the body, because it serves as a layer to the intestines.

Therefore, consume vitamin before you eat fiber. For probiotics, should be consumed 20 minutes before eating. Because, probiotics can help the digestive process.

Stimulation vitamins such as vitamin C, should not be consumed before bed, because it will make you very awake.

If you eat a lot of supplements, it should be kept in different boxes. Complete the box with an additional information of the best time to eat them. Put a supplement that should be consumed after a meal, at the dinner table, and put the other supplements in a visible place, so you will not forget to eat.

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