The characteristics of children with mental disorders


child mental disorder

As a parent, you will immediately know if the physical state of your child is unwell. But what if the child’s mental condition is not healthy? Signs of mental illness in children and adults is different. Therefore you must be keen to see it for the health of your baby. The following are symptoms of mental disorders in children as reported by FoxNews (28/7):

  • Hyperactivity: difficulty in concentrating, can not stay still and difficult to control
  • Changes in school: poor grades, stomach pains and headaches, make excuses to not to go to school, social, and behavioral changes. Loss of interest in extra-curricular activities on a regular basis
  • Changes in sleep: too much or not enough sleep
  • Eating and exercise: eating too much or not enough, too much exercise, taking laxatives.
  • Increased mood swings, irritability, and often feeling lethargic
  • Often hysterical, cry and scream with no obvious cause
  • Feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness
  • Often feel anxious and fearful
  • Destroying property, like hurting animals,
  • Talk about death, do not want to live, and suicidal thoughts

If your child experience the above symptoms, do not immediately get angry with them. Approach them and immediately consult a psychologist.