The dangers of nightmare for health

The dangers of nightmare for health

Everyone is no exception with you must have experienced a nightmare. Can be influenced by horror movies you watch or maybe you have a deep trauma that enters your subconscious until you end up having nightmares.

Although it may sound unusual, but in reality a nightmare could have a negative impact on the health of your body.

“Nightmare could arise because of a traumatic coming from the conflict in the mind that are not resolved. Nightmares can be so lasting and very scary. You can experience depression, anxiety or fear appears excessive, and ultimately can damage your mental health,” said Dr Seema Hingorrany, psychologist from India. “Not infrequently nightmares can rob your physical health because you will lose your appetite or difficulty sleeping.”

On the basis of this research, Dr. Hingorrany then advise if you are haunted by the nightmare of medical treatment should be done immediately or consult a psychologist. Because trauma is stacked one day will explode and destroy the physical to mental health.

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