The Dangers of Wrong Size Bra For Health


wrong bra size dangersMany women do not realize that they wear a bra with a size that is not appropriate. They do not realize that the conditions that seems trivial could trigger serious health problems.

Not merely an aesthetic issue, a wrong sized bra can lead to back pain, headache, stomach and shoulder problems, ligament damage, and stooped posture.

Recognizing the signs that a bra size is not appropriate is actually quite easy. The most common sign is that bra straps leaves marks on the skin that  is too deep, the cup does not fit the breast, there is an empty space in the cup, bra strap is easily pulled up, the arch wire does not fit the curve of the breast bone.

This bra condition will not be able to support the breast well. This ultimately leads to a number of complaints, like as quoted by the Times of India:

Shortness of breath
Bra strap that leaves marks too deep means the size of the bra is too tight. This condition will bind the muscles in the chest so it is susceptible to trigger respiratory problems.

Using a bra that is too tight can also cause interference which inhibits the flow of the digestive system.

Back pain
The wrong bra size also tends to make it worn not perfect. It is susceptible to trigger back and shoulder pain which can restrict movement of the body in daily activities.

Bad posture
Using bra size that is not appropriate makes the breast holding to be imperfect. In the long term, it can lead to posture disorders characterized by muscle tension in the chest, shoulders, and back.

This usually happens when you wear a bra size that is too small that triggers rough friction on the skin. This condition may also limit the circulation of blood and oxygen to certain parts of your body. Friction from a tight bra can also cause scratches.

Chest pain
A bra that is too tight also potentially limits the flow of lymph in the breast. Not only causing pain, this condition can also increase toxic that triggers breast cancer in the long run.

Using a bra that is too tight can lead to impaired blood circulation thereby inhibiting oxygen to the brain. This condition could then lead to the emergence of a headaches.