The desire to have children is contagious!


The desire to have children is contagiousNot just a influenza virus or illness that could be contagious. A study revealed that the desire to have a child can also be transmitted between one woman to another. Recent research suggests that women are likely to have a desire to have a baby when they know that their friends have become mothers. It is more specific to the inter- high school friends.

The researcher explained that the ‘transmission’ is indeed real and happens to be a trend among women who are undergoing early adulthood. Most of the ‘transmission’ occurs in between former high school friends, when they already live the life of a woman.

“This transmission is very strong and getting stronger when women know their school friends have given birth and have children. Influence is very strong in the span of two years, then decreased and became stable in the long term,” said researcher Nicoletta Balbo from Bocconi University, Italy, as reported by the Daily Mail.

This study shows that the decision to have children is not only influenced by individual characteristics or discussions with friends. The desire to have children is also associated with a person’s social network. These results also indicate that the environmental and social life in high school until graduation still carry influence.

The study was conducted on more than 1,700 American women when they were aged 15 years to 30 years. This study only observed the female respondents. The average woman in the study had a child when she was 27 years old. The researcher explained that first, people will compare themselves with friends. When surrounded by friends who already have children, people will be encouraged to have children as well.

In addition, having friends who have children can be a good resource for them to learn to be a mother. Having a child at the same time with a friend also means they can share experiences and support each other in the same way as pregnancy and childbearing.

Balbo also added that one more easily maintain their friendships and the bonds of friendship if they experience parenthood at the same time. The results of this study were published in the American Sociological Review.

How do you feel about the results of these studies? Are you experiencing the same thing?