The Early Symptoms of Unhealthy Teeth

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Having a strong, healthy, and white teeth is the desire of every person. However, if the teeth have started porous or cracked, it was the first sign of unhealthy teeth. Then the question is how to overcome it?

Dental health is very important in terms of aesthetics and health. Teeth can make a person more confident. Meanwhile, dental problems can also cause pain. In fact, the pain is not only the teeth, but at around the mouth, face, sometimes even until the entire body.

The most common problem that appear is rotten teeth. .Almost all dental problems originated from thinning the teeth. Rotten teeth start at our mouths in acid conditions.

Rotten teeth is damage to the tooth structure which affects the email (hard coating that protects teeth) and the outer layer of teeth, which continue to spread in layers in the teeth (dentine and pulp). This damage can continue to spread until the layers in the teeth of the dentin and pulp.

Rotten teeth caused by plaque (food scraps) that are not cleaned. Plaque that will be a gathering place for microorganisms (germs or bacteria) that emit acidic substances. Issued plaque acid, will eventually erode the soft layer on the teeth emails causing thinning the teeth.

The factor which affects on tooth thinning are micro-organisms, the substrate is carbohydrate (as sucrose). This substrate to produce acid which in turn will damage the teeth. Thinning the teeth is also affected teeth vulnerable.

The last factor that affects rotten teeth is the time. The evidence suggests that the existence of these three factors namely the substrate, fragile teeth, and bacteria does not automatically lead to tartar. However, three factors must occur in a long time for the occurrence of dental caries that added time as the fourth circle.

All these factors occur simultaneously and cause rotten teeth. The existence of thinning can lead to tooth cavities, the teeth become fragile, sensitive teeth, and tooth decay in a tooth made of black, could even lead to tooth loss or toothless.

Thinning teeth can also cause infections and if left standing, brittle teeth that can not be saved.

One way to avoid rotten tooth is brushing teeth regularly, to clean the plaque and use the right toothpaste. Then, to strengthen the vulnerable condition of the teeth you can use special toothpaste that contains active fluoride.

Brush your teeth should be done in a timely manner, besides when bathing, but you should also do it after breakfast and before bed. With proper dental care, dental care activities can make the teeth grow healthy and strong without fear of porous.

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