The Effect of Aromatherapy for Pregnant Women


Lots of women who get rejuvenated after a day of working by using the essential oil as a mixture of water bath. But is it safe for pregnant women?

Aromatherapy essential oil is usually in the form of pure oil or juice, a function to help maintain health, evokes the spirit, passion, refresh and soothe the soul to stimulate the healing process. The aroma contained in this essential oil can directly influence the human brain, or absorbed through the skin and into the human bloodstream.

Up to now, the effects of essential oils in aromatherapy for pregnancy and fetal development is still unclear and in debate on the security of its use. Aromatherapy is suspected as the influence factor of miscarriage and uterine contractions. However, how the use and dosage effect is unclear.

Although research data is not enough, but the doctors recommend not to use essential oils , especially in the first trimester and pregnant women with a history of contraction and previous miscarriage.

But if pregnant women want to use essential oils, either applied to the skin or inhaled (steam), the oil must be diluted to concentrations of about 2 percent. If you need to use essential oils little by little while you see how this develops. Thus, the effect does not harm the fetus.

If after using essential oils cause contraction, when applied, for example, be immediately stopped. Do not continued! Although essential oils are good for health or provide a sense of relaxation for pregnant women. It is better that essential oils are used not as often as possible. And consult in advance to your obstetrician if you want to use it.