The effect of high and low testosterone in men’s health


testosteroneAdvantages and disadvantages of hormone levels in the body have side effects. Both are not good because it is not balanced. Similar to the male hormone testosterone. Advantages and disadvantages of this hormone has a terrible impact on male reproductive health. Here is the review of the impact of high and low testosterone as reported by health me up.

Symptoms of high testosterone levels:
Signs of high testosterone levels is not clear, but a boy is marked by the acceleration of puberty. High testosterone levels can also cause infertility in men, lack of sex drive and shrinking testicles.

Causes of high testosterone levels:
– Tumors of the adrenal gland
– Early puberty, which is when puberty is before 9 years old.

Risk of high testosterone:
– Heart disease
– Sleep apnea
– Develop bigger breasts
Fluid retention in the body-
– Reduced sperm production
– Skin problems
– The emergence of a cyst in the prostate

Treatment for high testosterone levels:
Men with high testosterone are rare. Generally men have low testosterone problems. One way to lower high testosterone is giving antagonist hormone.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels:

1) Fatigue
2) Muscle loss – mass and strength
3) Depreciation testis
4) Low Libido
5) Anemia
6) Changes in mood, often depressed and angry
7) Osteoporosis
8) Decrease ejaculation

Causes of low testosterone levels:
– Damage to the testes
– Pituitary gland and hypothalamus that are damaged
– Brain tumors
– Klinefelter Syndrome
– The consumption of cigarettes and alcohol
– Side effects of drugs

Risk of low testosterone:
Men who have low testosterone levels have increased risk for the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, premature death from coronary heart disease previously owned. Besides other diseases such as, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for low testosterone levels:
Having sex in a high frequency-often in the morning
-Reduce alcohol and cigarettes
-Not easy to feel stress and fatigue
-Exercise and balanced nutrition.

In conclusion, the testosterone hormone that is too high or too low is not good for a man. If you lack or excess this hormone, you should immediately consult a doctor.