The exact way to overcome painful menstruation


Dysmenorrhoea or better known as menstrual pain is a common complaint experienced by women in the lower abdomen. Menstruation pain does not occur only in the lower abdomen. Some adolescent girls are often felt in the lower back, hips, upper thigh pelvis until your calf muscles.

This uncomfortable feeling caused by intense contraction of the abdominal muscles while removing the blood. This is a very intense contraction then causes the muscles tighten. Muscle tension is not only happening in your abdominal muscles, but also the supporting muscles of the abdominal muscles located on the lower back, waist, hip, thigh to calf. Impaired menstrual pain was subjective in nature. Experts divided into two parts dismonera which are called primary dismonera  and secondary.

Primary dysmenorrhoea

Primary dysmenorrhoea is menstrual pain without any abnormalities found in the abdomen. It usually occurs after 12 months or more since menarche (first menstruation). The cause of primary dysmenorrhoea, among others, psychological factors, constitutional factors, factors endocrine / hormonal and allergic factors.

How to overcome the pain is to find clear information about the symptom. Then give analgesics (pain reduction). Medicine for pain reduction can be obtained at a pharmacy / drug stores near you. Next, do hormonal therapy. This therapy aims to suppress ovulation (release of ovum / egg cell from the ovary / bladder eggs). This therapy is only temporary to ensure that interference absolutely no content on the appliance.

Besides these ways, there are still other ways efficacious enough to try. Although not instantly disappear, menstrual pain can be reduced by the following ways:

Warmer temperatures is an old herb that’s worth a try. Use a heating pad (heating pad), compress towel or a hot water bottle on the abdomen and lower back and drink a warm beverage. Warm water bath can also help.

Sleep and adequate rest, and regular exercise (including many roads). Some women achieve relief through exercise, which not only reduces stress but also increase production of brain endorphins, the body’s natural pain remedy. There are no restrictions on activities during menstruation.

In the case of very rare and extreme, required excision of the nerves of the uterus. An alternative therapy, ie to concentrate on the color visualization to achieve mastery over pain-can help reduce menstrual pain.

In addition, aroma and massage therapy can reduce the discomfort. Light and circular massage with the finger on the lower abdomen will help reduce menstrual pain. Listening to music, reading books or watching movies can also be helpful.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea

Secondary dysmenorrhoea associated with a disease / disorder in the abdoment. Pain can be felt before, during, and after menstruation. The cause of secondary dysmenorrhoea include:

Chronic salpingitis, which is an infection that long at junctions in the womb / uterus with real eggs / ovaries. Treatment with antibiotics and anti inflammatory.

The endometrium is very influential on female hormones. Normally, the uterus will thicken the endometrial cells during the cycle lasts so that the female is ready to accept the result of fertilization between the egg and sperm cells. When the egg is not experiencing conception, a thickened endometrial cells would disintegrate and come out as menstrual blood.

In endometriosis, endometrial cells that originally were in the womb will move and the uterus grows outside the uterus. These cells could grow and migrate to the ovary, oviduct (fallopian tube), behind the uterus, the league can even get to the intestines and bladder. Tues endometrium has the same response as endometrial cells in the uterus and is very influential on female hormones. At the time of menstruation lasts, endometrial cells that migrate to peel and this will induce a feeling of pain around the pelvis.

Secondary dysmenorrhea treated by identifying and treating because basically. Women are advised to consume antibiotics or other drugs depending on certain conditions.