The health benefits of purple food


health benefits of purple foodGreen foods, especially vegetables, are often recommended for consumption. Then what about purple foods? It turns out the food is equally healthy! Try to see the health benefits of purple foods as quoted from She Knows as following.

Prevent premature aging
Purple foods contain pigments called anthocyanins, antioxidants that play a role in decreasing the risk of cancer, improve memory, and prevent premature aging.

protect the heart
Purple fruits and vegetables are also rich in flavonoids, its good for the heart so as to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Purple food types

Vegetables: eggplant, purple cabbage, purple peppers, purple sweet potatoes, and purple onions.
Fruit: Grapes, prunes, figs, raisins, and strawberries.
Herbs: Lavender and purple basil.

Especially for herbs, the usefulness is as an ingredient for healthy skin and hair care products. In addition, the aromatherapy of lavender are also efficacious in reducing the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, migraines, and depression.

There are many ways to enjoy food purple. Do not hesitate to consume and gain health benefits!