The Importance of a Break During Busy Work


importance of a break during workWork that is piling up or when deadline is chasing, often makes people skip their lunch. In fact, many are forced to enjoy lunch at their work desk.

They chew food while typing, moving around picking up stuffs, or during a phone call. They do not provide time for the body and mind to rest.

“Many workers works long hours without rest, they even eat while working at their computer. They do not think about the bad effects on health,” said British health advocacy, Annya Stephens-Boal, as reported by

She warned that allowing the body and mind to work more than 10 hours without a break can increase the risk of blood clots. This warning is quite serious, because blood clots are very susceptible to trigger premature death.

“The most frightening thing is as much as 80 percent of workers are not aware of the signs at all. We call it the silent killer,” said Stephens-Boal.

Not only that. The habit of eating while working also make them take more time in finishing their foods, which make absorption of food nutrients in the body becomes disrupted.

Chewing food when not feeling calm or stressful conditions will make the digestive enzymes can not work properly. Therefore, provide 10 minutes to finish eating so it gives a chance for the digestive enzymes to work properly. At least 20 minutes after that, use your time to relax your mind and body so that the blood circulation is not interrupted.