The Importance of Getting a ‘Second Opinion’ for Your Health


Second Opinion DoctorHave you ever felt the diagnoses for you is less accurate? Consider seeking opinions from other doctors. Although it will cost you more money, but you can make comparisons in order to get the best diagnostic result.

“Patients tend to simply accept the diagnosis of doctors, whereas the diagnosis is not always right,” said Trisha Torrey, author of ’10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes’.

If the doctor says there is no problem but you feel there’s something wrong with your health condition, what you should do is immediately seek an opinion from another doctor. But before you start looking for the ‘second opinion’, there are four things to remember.

1. Long-term treatment and surgery
Always look for another opinion if the diagnosis has implications for the medical actions that have a major impact, such as surgery or long-term treatment. You have to dig as much information as possible before making a decision. By doing a comparison, you also will feel at ease in taking the next step.

2. Find a doctors from different places
If you want to seek another opinion, find a doctor in a different place from the first doctor. Do not look for another doctor in the same hospital. Have the recommendation of friends or relatives. And the doctor’s specialty must also be equal.

3. Do not be afraid
When you get a different diagnosis, you should tell the first doctor. Actually, the first doctor must accept the diagnosis and you should ask why are they different. Remember, a good doctor is a doctor who provides information in a clear and detailed way as possible to the patient.

4. Do not tell the first diagnosis to the second doctor
Do not tell the results of the first diagnosis on your second doctor. It would be difficult for second doctor to be objective if you tell the previous diagnosis.