The Importance of Protein for Your Hair


The Importance of Protein for Your HairHair problems can be caused by man factors, one of which is the change of weather. But did you know that protein from foods can help control hair loss and promote hair care? You might wonder what is with protein that makes it essential for hair care? Well, in this article you can find the answer to your question.

The importance of protein for your hair care:

Protein is very important for the production of cell in the human body, the proper functioning of the human body depends on protein and the case of hair care, protein is important for the production cells that promote healthy hair. Hair is made up of the protein, keratin. Hence, keratin treatments and hair products has swept the consumer market.

One of the reasons for hair loss is Protein deficiency. Protein consists of amino acids and polypeptide, which forms keratin. So, an increase in amino acids can increase hair growth. But, keratin treatments should be undertaken by a trained professional as the chemicals used in keratin treatment can cause skin irritation and watery eyes. In some cases, it could also cause allergic reactions like a rash or itching and the treatment can be costly.

Also, pregnant women should avoid keratin treatments as they require special sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to make it last longer, which can have an adverse affect on the unborn child. Keratin treatments also contain formaldehyde, which is an important chemical used to manufacture building materials and numerous household products.

Natural protein sources for hair care:

1) Soya beans
2) Turkey
3) Chicken
4) Meat
5) Nuts
6) Vegetables
7) Lentils
8) Dairy
9) Fish
10) Beans

Daily protein consumption: 

The daily recommended protein intake is 1-1.5 gms protein per kg, depending on the person’s weight, age and sex. For example, body builders may require 2-2.5 gms of protein per kg. On the other hand, an overweight or obese person does not need much protein. Likewise, an underweight or normal person, who wants to build muscle mass or tone up needs to consume an adequate amount of protein as per his/her body weight.

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